If you are new to Woohoo having decided to ditch the aluminium based deo,  you will likely have a transition period as your sweat glands unplug and those chemicals and toxins are released as you sweat, and yes odours too!

In our experience about 1 in every 2 people needs to detox when making the switch to natural deodorant.

For some people this can take a couple of days or not at all! For others it can be a week....or more

Don't panic A pit detox can help speed this process :-) 

Try one of these if your detox is takes more than a couple of days

1. Apply mineral mud mask on your pits!  (yep you read that right)

2. Use Antibacterial Soap for a couple of days

3 A soak in a magnesium (Epsom Salt) bath

And you can re-visit these tips down the track if needed as there can be many reasons why your body chemistry might change ( Hormones, diet, medications to name just a few) and a detox can just help to reset the balance !