The short answer is YES :) But...

The long answer:

The Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste contains essential oils because we stay well away from artificial fragrances. When it comes to essential oils there is no clear cut answer about whether or not you should use them during pregnancy.

Our belief is that many are safe at the very low levels that we use them. But some definitely need to be avoided during pregnancy because they're emmenagogues (stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area). These are oils such as clary sage, sweet marjoram, vetiver and juniper *Urban contains Sage.

The essential oils we do use are at a very low percentages with the total of essential oil being under 1% which it is considered OK when used topically (by some, you'll find lots of conflicting advice on the net). So it is up to you if you are comfortable with this.

For an anecdotal personal experience Phoebe used all of our products during her last pregnancy without an issues.

The only other product that we advise pregnant ladies about is Black Seed Oil as it is a known emmenagogue when used as a food supplement. No one has given any recommendations when it used on the skin, so we always stay conservative and advise against using it.

Webmd has some more information if you want to dig into the details :)

Please get in touch if you have more questions! 

P.S. Our Mellow and Surf "flavours" don't contain any essential oils.